Karl de Waal
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Karl de Waal  

The channel series
Finalist, Wynne Prize 2015, Art Gallery of New South Wales


Karl de Waal's work is a commentry on his experience of watching the world trying to make sense of it's paradoxes and ironies. He draws strength from Dada believing it is as relevant today as back in its beginnings, enjoying the frivolity and diversity of Dada and the humour that is always out to enlighten, enrage or entertain. Karl's work endevours to make the viewer reflect, contemplate, laugh and question.

A myriad of different styles and mediums are used and collage, assemblage and chance are the driving principles harnessed. Different mediums are used to explore different ideas. Sometimes satirical, sometimes pure excursions into form.

de Waal seeks to offer the veiwer a reconnection with the rawness of experience, that universal thing that makes us human. His art is a comment on our increasing sense of dislocation from real experience in real time. Media saturation, the vitual and information bulimia are all aiding and abetting this cultural shift.

We are becoming less surrounded by community as a place of tactile communication.