jenny mulcahy
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Beyond Borders  

The exhibition Beyond Borders explores the commonality of our human relationship with place, and our emotional attachment to the objects with which we surround ourselves. No matter our country of birth, our ethnicity, the colour of our skin, our religous affiliations, our height, age,weight or gender, our memories, unique to each of us, bind us to our past and influence our future.

Some memories, buried so very deep in our psyches you would imagine them beyond recall, can be jolted suddenly, and sometimes traumatically, to the present by a mere glimpse of what may appear to others as a mundane object of no consequence.

This recognition of the emotional attachment to objects felt by each other as individuals is something we can all relate to. We understand the way in which the sight or touch of items which appear of no significance to others can cause memories of people and places to come flooding back, and when in the media, we witness victims of natural disasters returning to the place their homes once stood, we can empathise with the survivors as we see them searching desperately for something, anything, that binds them to that which they have so suddenly lost.


400 Grams
One hundred bowls to feed one hundred souls
One hundred bowls to feed one hundred souls(detail)
Aunt  Rose's cup was very plain...
Seeking Gondwana
Seeking Gondwana (detail)
Izzie's favourite pale green bowl
Aunt Bet had lots of teapots but she only ever used the blue one
 Aunt Bet had lots of teapots but she only ever used the blue one (detail)
Bet's sister Rose preferred the more avante-garde designs
Put it down carefully the yellow is my favourite
Shades of pink
Hakima's Kitchen 1
 Hakima's Kitchen 2
Hakima's Kitchen (detail)
Glenn's Daughter's Teapot  (No1)
Remains of door jamb with bottle and bowl
Cross beam remains with skull
Dialogue of bottles
Dialogue of Bottles (detail)
F.V. 1786
Scarred wall with blue bowl