Jennifer Long
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2014 On the Edge

On the Edge – Statement

Jennifer Long’s new work examines memory and imagination to reveal observations of internal and external landscapes.

The vessel is used as a recurring emblem. Alone or grouped in suites it becomes a metaphor for the human form.

Objects and architectural forms also serve as referents for the human presence.

Vessels pose as silent observers of life's passing. The vessels sit at the edge of the pictorial space, balancing between the threshold of metaphor and physical realms.

 Works explore and engage in a variety of medias, including collage and oil on ply, rice paper bowls, etchings, lithographs and woodcuts.


Pandora's Box
Cloud Vessels
Summer Glow 1
Little Brown Jug
On the Edge
Florentine Sunset
Truffles by the Lake
Earthy Constraints
Delphic Dance
Landscape in Glass
Arrangement on the Plain
Charcoal and Lace
Geraniums Red, Celadon Green
View to the Rocks
Beachcombers 1
Desert Life
On the Water's Edge
White Vessels
Scaffold in Pink
Through the Dust
Beachcombers 2
Blue Bottle in Stoney Landscape
Mountain View
Red Sun
Summer Glow 2
White Jug
Studio Quintet
We're all in the Same Boat
Cutting Edge Accommodation

Jennifer's 14th solo exhibition On the Edge opened on 23 September - 6 October  2014 at the Percolator Gallery, 134 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.

Some works are still available for purchase through the Shop setting.