Jennifer Long
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2012 Traces Exhibition 

A new solo exhibition at Graydon Gallery, New Farm that was exhibited from October 16 - 28.

The works included paintings, collage and etchings.

Using memory and imagination and familiar resource images from my own environment and beyond -river, tree, fragment, flood, flowers, new works have evolved allowing me to discover personal 'traces' of beauty in unlikely places.

The exhibition was opened by painter and ceramicist Kerry Holland on Friday, 19 October (6-8pm).

Submerge Emerge
Remnants of a Landscape
Day and Night
The Fallen Tree
Gray Wash
Cadmium Wash
Indigo Wash
Debris Flow 1,2,3
detail of Upheaval
Remains of the Day
Wave Splash
Cloudburst with Fragments 1
Flow Blue
Cloudburst with Fragments 2
Mountain  Lake
Flooded Trees
Three Fishermen
Peony Afloat
Broken Arrangement
Bruised Landscape
Out of the Blue
Rising Bloom
A Feast of Blossom
Chopsticks and Shard(disjecta membra 1)
Scattered Fragments(disjecta membra 2)
Chrysanthemum Blue
Emerging Bloom
Chrysanthemum Gold
Chrysanthemum Adrift
Cherry Blossom Fragments
Fragments in Blue
Submerged Cherry Blossom
Floating Garland
Flooded Creek
After the Flood
Flooded Pool
River in the Tree
Light from Above 1
Flood Debris
Still I feel the Red in my Mouth
 I hear for the first Time the River in the Tree
Awash 1
Awash 2
Cloudburst 1
Cloudburst 2