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Leigh Camilleri

My first instinct is to observe the space, record the history of that space,

the people that inhabit it, leave it, alter it. Observing that place reveals the relationships between spaces and elements, light and dark, textures, time.


The work becomes a collection of places and traces, spaces, of inter-lockings, between elements of time, linking artist and environment.


I enjoy getting lost in the process of getting there. Being lost is only a disaster for those who know when they are supposed to arrive. Knowing a track back, how to navigate and find a way through the layers of investigation and observation to a resolution. That process is a rich , adding and subtracting while building the journey. Pulling away from historical modes of order and finding the elusive nature of the loss and re-discovery. The archeology as the canvas, paper or glass develops through process. The irregularity, imperfection and transience that is a part of us, a part of life.


The landscape can be seen as harsh and resistant. Resistant under gaze. Under closer inspection is often revealed a raw, delicate beauty, an odd strange juxtaposition of elements not necessarily with a comfortable fit. But I fit of relationships, and those are not always comfortable.


The work is not photographic in any way but an expression of my memory and the slippages and the moments that occur through time. The time, the space, the narrative comes and goes. The narrative shifts like the children’s game of chinese whispers. It can start with a giant red frog and end with a white bittern next to the hull of a sunken vessel covered in the detritus discovered in the adventure of the observation.



Leigh Camilleri

On closer inspection
Mangroves After Rain

Leigh Camilleri is exhibiting new work at The Affordable Art Fair- Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street New York. 25th-29th March 2015 INART Gallery booth 1.31