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cheryl finlay

Originally from South Africa, I have been living and working in Australia for 10 years.  My work is colourful, bold and energetic.  These painting are from two exhibitions, Moya (meaning soul in Swahili) and Hands across the Ages (influenced by rock paintings, ceremonial body adorment and tribal markings) .  These works reflect the busy, chaotic yet rhythmic and soulful lifestyle of South Africans, full of vibrant colours, shapes and patterns.

I feel possessed by this need to create, its like having a lover that consumes your entire being, you never get enough. 

solo exhibition inart studio
opening night cheryl finlay exhibition
opening night
In the village square
Hands accross the Ages
African Beat
City of Gold and Honey
The Good the Bad and the Happening
Desert Flower
The Wedding
African Adventure