Harriet Posner
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'Those moments' cartoons 

These are gentle cartoons concerned with daily life- which I hope will trigger memories and moments - some which you may have forgotten about until now .

Sorry about the tiny thumbnails - just  click on the first one to get a nice viewing size.

Doors closing 2 minutes...
Falling asleep before your programme begins
Having a shower without feeling rushed
It fitted her sister at that age...
Your doctor seeing you at appointment time.
...the long wait.
...only one hundred and fifty two pages to go...
...the number of candles on your cake.
5 minutes time out...
5 minutes to wreck a room.
37 more stops
After school run.
...an anniversary for 3.
..and of course we want you to be treasurer again next year.
Asking him at the right time.
Being passed by that cyclist again and again.
Being strong enough to say no.
Did anyone see that?
...finding those car keys.
Getting all the shopping done before the baby cries.
Getting in before it stops ringing.
Getting to the basin on time.
Another night when she won't sleep...
Holiday snap No.962 and counting...
Waiting for the first bloom to appear
How long a kid can sit infront of a screen.
Kid free morning.
 No more nappies!
Ringing overseas.
Making 7 no trumps
Those last few minutes in bed.
Waiting till they overtake.

All of 'those moments' are printed on slightly smaller then A4 250g card signed,numbered, and framed by the artist in  limited editions of 10.They cost  $30 plus postage. Unframed  unsigned on A4 250g card they are $20 each plus postage.