donna malone
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I am a full time artist, based in Brisbane. I am compelled to work with paper as a drawer and mark maker.
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Next Exhibition: 10 years - Becoming,  25th May - 5th June 2016

Percolator Gallery, 134 Latrobe Tce Paddington, Brisbane

Opening Night: Friday 27th May 6 - 8pm

Closing Drinks: Saturday 4th June 3 - 5pm



donna malone  

“I am interested in the integrity and spontaneity of the materials i handle and in the things i draw. My work develops from a love of the paper and mark making resources that I use, from the manipulation of what is at hand. Through this process of persuasion and exploitation I discover that the moments (marks) caught on paper can suggest psychological domains and liminal space.”

‘10 years - Becoming’ is a reflection and a celebration of the creative transitions and understandings I’ve made since arriving in Brisbane in 2005. The work has been shaped by my surroundings and forged through strong friendships with other artists and mentors.

Drawing with mixed mediums I have expressed myself and my journey in a process to 'Becoming'.