Allyson Reynolds
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PRESS RELEASE - Lepidopterae

13 March-19 April 2003
Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London

Allyson Reynolds is a young Australian artist who specialises in working in oil on linen. This lends her art an amazing translucency as do the moths which form the subject matter of her paintings. The large scale of the works enhances their beauty.

Allyson Reynolds often takes inspiration from nature, in all its irregularity and simplicity. Though carefully worked, her paintings hint at something quite incidental, as if several moths had indeed just landed within the frame. The artist’s lightness of touch evokes the delicacy of the natural world.

Reynold’s paintings temporarily suspend the viewer in a sphere of dizzy heat and exotic creatures. They are immensely colourful but never brash.
Allyson Reynolds gained a BA in Visual Arts from Queensland University of Technology.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery 35 Windmill Street London WIT 2JS
Open Mon-Sat 10-6.00p.m.
or by appointment.
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Etymology: New Latin Lepidoptera, from lepid- + Greek pteron wing -- more at FEATHER
Date: circa 1901
: any of a large order (Lepidoptera) of insects comprising the butterflies, moths, and skippers that as adults have four broad or lanceolate wings usually covered with minute overlapping and often brightly coloured scales and that as larvae are caterpillars