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The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (Queensland Chapter) Inc.


Not for profit membership group








Throughout Queensland and occasionally across the boarder

Selected group exhibitions

2016 Trace at Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Adele Grobler Dellit, Alicia Lane, Alison Bruce, Andy Lowrie, Angela Rawlins, Ann Chadwick, Catherine Large, Chloe Healey, Clare Poppi, Emma Clippingdale, Helen Moriarty, Helen Wyatt, Jan Brown, Jandy Pannell, Jesika Dawnn, Jo Rees-Jones, Juliana Platt, Kathleen Hunt, Katie Stormonth, Lisa Brown, Maree Heard, Megan Mackenzie, Mia Wells, Minna Jun, Nellie Peoples, Paola Raggo, Penny McIntyre, Pierina Curties, Renata Fojtikova, Robyn Pell, Saskia Levy, Vanessa Williams and Vivien Bedwell.

2016 Worn & Weathered at Webb Gallery, QCA Griffith University, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Alicia Lane, Alison Stone, Andy Lowrie, Catherine Large, Christine O’Reilly, Clare Poppi, Helen Bird, Helen Moriarty, Helen Wyatt, Jac Dyson, Jandy Pannell, Jesika Dawnn, Kathleen Hunt, Katie Stormonth, Lynda Shale, Nellie Peoples, Renata Fojtikova, Sam Lintern and Susie Woodhouse.

2015 Pendulum at Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Albert Tse, Alicia Lane, Alison Stone, Amelina Trainor, Andy Lowrie, Ann Chadwick, Beth Hodges, Catherine Large, Clare Poppi, Chris Hardwick, Dan Cox, Elizabeth Shaw, Emma Clippingdale, Esther Shelley, Helen Moriarty, Helen Wyatt, Jandy Pannell, Jen Eales, Jesika Hanford, Joan Teo, Karah Sinden, Kathleen Hunt, Katie Stormonth , Keith Swan, Kristina Gittins, Lucille Atkins, Lynda Shale, Maree Heard, Megan MacKenzie, Milly Bell, Pat Holcombe, Pierina Curties, Rachael Boland, Renata Fojtikova, Robyn Pell, Sarah Smith, Stephanie Owens, M. Veronica Silva and Vivien Bedwell.

2015 Lux Lumens at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney. Exhibiting Artists: Helen Bird, Laura Burstow, Karah Sinden, Esther Shelley, Doug Kwok, Renata Fojtikova, Anne Chadwick, Helen Moriarty, Jandy Pannell, Alison Stone, Lisa Brown, Anita Milroy, Kathleen Hunt, Sue Preston, Helen Wyatt, Lauren Ryan, Doreen Ferris, Clare Poppi, Margaret Wegener, Jessika Hanford, Jen Eales, Geraldine Connolly, Susie Woodhouse and Alicia Lane.

2013 Participate at Wooloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane. A survey exhibition to be held in conjunction with the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia 15th Biennial Conference, Participation and Exchange in Queensland Australia.

2013 Confluence Influence at Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Pippin Blackwell, Ann Chadwick, Adrianna Collard, Lisa Crispin, Pierina Curties, Julie Day,Dorreen Ferris, Ashleigh Hearne, Pat Holcombe, Kathleen Hunt, Cath Large, Jeanette Lee, Andrew Lowrie, Penny McIntyre, Sher McKain, Anita Milroy, Kathleen Moorwood, Lyn Mortensen, Jandy Pannell, Sue Preston, Paola Raggo, Karah Sinden, Katie Stormonth, Joan Teo, Barbara Vivash, Leigh Wagner, Margaret Wegener and Vanessa Williams.

2013 Now, The Start of a Conversation. A JMGA Conference Satellite Exhibition. Featuring work from students in their final year of study at Modern Handicraft and Art Department Shandong China & Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

2012 100% Recycled at Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artist: Beau Allen, Ann Chadwick, Lisa Crispin Pierina Curties, Wendy Duffield, Georgina Dunn, Christopher Hardwick, Kathleen Hunt, Alicia Lane, Anita Milroy, Lynn Mortensen, Clare Poppi, Paola Raggo, Lynda Shale, Katie Stormonth, Leigh Wagner, Margaret Wegener and Sue Whiteman.

2011 Inundation at Contempoary Artisan's Collective, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Christopher Hardwick, Catherine Large, Katie Stormonth, Clare Poppi, Sue Preston, Joan Teo, Elizabeth Shaw, Kathleen Hunt, Alex Forrest, Lisa Bryan-Brown, Dan Cox, Beau Allen, Christine O'Reilly, Lynn Mortenson, Karah Sinden and Morgan Anderson.

2009-10 Heat, Sweat, Shimmer at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville. Exhibiting artists: Leeanne Bond, Margot Douglas, Doreen Ferris, Chantelle Fisher, Pat Holcombe, Doug Kwok, Margot Laver, Andrew Lowrie, Shanna Muston, Deborah Nielsen, Jemica Ostrofski, Christina Papadimitriou, Clare Poppi, Angela Porritt, Eckart Schillings, Elizabeth Shaw, Joan Teo, and Susie Woodhouse.

2009 Fragile Nature, Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Sharka Bosakova, Miriam Carter, Dan Cox, Jan Donaldson, Doreen Ferris, Chantelle Fisher, Carly Kotynski, Doug Kwok, Andrew Lowrie, Jemica Ostrofski, Annie O’Rouke, Lisa Pohlmann, Clare Poppi, Angela Porritt, Lynda Shale, Elizabeth Shaw, Katie Stormonth, Joan Teo, Michelle Walker and Susie Woodhouse.

2008-09 Ornamentomology at College Gallery, South Bank Brisbane. Touring Venues: Gladstone Regional Art Gallery, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Hervey Bay Regional Gallery and Port McQuarrie Regional Gallery. Exhibiting Artists: Ann Chadwick, Catherine Large, Christine O’Reilly, Dan Cox, David E. Walter (Microscopy Imagery), Elizabeth Gray, Elizabeth Shaw , Hannah Kelly, Kathryn Wardill, Lyle Tweeddale, Miriam Carter, Patsie Wishart, Roz Hawker, Sue Preston, Susie Woodhouse.

2008 Rubber at Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Sharka Bosakova, Miriam Carter, Dan Cox, Margot Douglas, Renata Fojtikova, Kylie Gartside, Christine O'Reilly, Clare Poppi, Elizabeth Shaw, Joan Teo, Leigh Wagner, Vanessa Williams and Susie Woodhouse

2007 Passage at Marks and Gardner Contemporary, North Tamborine. Exhibiting Artists: Dan Cox, Eleisha Nylund, Clare Dyer, Leigh Wagner, Patsie Wishart, Hannah Kelly, Michelle Walker, Joan Teo, Susie Woodhouse, Lisa Pohlman, Roz Hawker, Mariette Waters, Keith West, Kath Kerswell, Sue Preston and Miriam Carter.

2007 Fabulous Foam at Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Miriam Carter, Clare Dyer, Kath Kerswell, Joan Teo, Dan Cox, Kylie Gartside, Bibi Locke, Rebecca Ward, Renee Dillon, Elizabeth Gray, Sue Preston, Patsie Whishart, Branka Doncevska, Hannah Kelly, Elizabeth Shaw & Susie Woodhouse.

2005 METTLE, Doggett Street Studios, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: David Clayton, Margot Douglas, Wendy Duffield, Mandy Garland, Eric Griffin, Jayn Hobba, Pat Holcombe, Rachel Mirt, Carolynn Newport, Jo Turley, Jon Turley, Michelle Walker, Margaret Wegener & Sue Whiteman.

2005 Token Love CQ Store, Craft Queensland.

2000 Boxed In at Doggett Street Studios Brisbane and Noosa Regional Gallery. Exhibiting Artists: Vicki Anderson, Marisa Comino, Matt Dwyer, Lyn Fraser, Lisa Gaze, Pat Holcombe, Kath Kerswell, Catherine Large, Margot Laver, Carolynn Newport, Caroline Pearson, Nicole Peterson, Keleisha Rigby-Smith, T. Jacek Rybinski, Elizabeth Shaw, Lyle Tweeddale, Mark Vaarwerk, Miya Valmadre-McCrae, Anna Varendorff, Kathryn Wardill, Muriel Wattinne, Sue Whiteman, Patsie Wishart & Susie Woodhouse.

1996 Divergence: challenging concepts at Contemporary Art & Design Gallery, Brisbane.

1995 JMGQ Annual Exhibition at Contemporary Art and Design Gallery, Brisbane. Exhibiting Artists: Seanne McArthur, Elizabeth Shaw, Trisha van den Brink, Jozsef Pinter, Kathryn Wardill, Christopher Stoker, Patsie Wishart, Vicki Anderson, Catherine Large, Ilsa Utech, Graham Langtry, Pat Holcombe, Michael Hofmeyer, Margot Douglas and Ann Chadwick.

About us…

The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, Queensland Chapter Inc. is fondly known as 'JMGQ'. JMGQ is a membership based organisation with an established history of playing a constructive and influential role in contemporary practice.

JMGQ has members that are well established in their practice, as well as students and beginners on their path to building their skills. So no matter what your level of skill or practice, JMGQ welcomes you to join.

To support our members, JMGQ organises a range of activities including talks and exhibitions, and publishes the regular newsletter 'Paillon' and e-newsletter 'Metalsnips' and provides an updated website. We proudly support the Queensland College of Art Griffith University Master Class program and in return our members receive a significant discount on Master Class fees. These activities are part of the commitment JMGQ has to gaining recognition for its members and the advancement of the crafts of jewellery and metalsmithing as artistic forms. JMGQ is also a network for support, advocacy and exchange.

JMGQ is a not-for-profit group that runs on the creative energy and enthusiasm of volunteers. Funds are raised through membership fees, bulk buys, sponsorship and joint activities with other allied groups. JMGQ also receives support through partnerships with industry and business, including Queensland College of Art Griffith University, artHIVES artist-run-websites and Michelle Bowden (Visuall Photography). QCA provides the group with excellent facilities for meetings, workshops and seminars, artHIVES hosts our website and Michelle Bowden offers our members generous discounts on documentary photography.

A little about our history…
In 1971 the Queensland Jewellers Workshop formed as a sub group of the Crafts Association of Queensland (now known as Craft Queensland). The QJW intention was to support the emerging field of contemporary jewellery by creating educational and exhibiting opportunities. It was the first recorded collective of its kind in Australia, and at a time when there were no formal opportunities for study in the state, served a vital role in establishing a vibrant and thriving Queensland contemporary jewellery scene.

In 1980 QJW became affiliated with other emerging interstate collectives and adopted the name of the The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA), and became the first state to edit and produce the national newsletter, now known as Lemel. The responsibility for hosting Lemel is passed on to another JMGA state group every two years and in 1986 Queensland hosted Lemel for the second time, and in 2004 again took on that responsibility. In 1987 in preparation for hosting the 1988 5th JMGA International Conference, the JMGA was incorporated in Queensland as a not for profit membership organisation. JMGQ has twice hosted the national JMGA conference (the 5th in 1988 held at the Gold Coast, and the 10th in 2000 held in Brisbane) with both attracting acclaimed national and international speakers, workshops and exhibitions. In 2003, JMGQ partnered with Qld College of Art Griffith University and Craft Qld in the Queensland component of the HAT UK/Australia Jewellery Residency Exchange.

Throughout its 35+ years of operation, JMGQ has in addition to its national roles, hosted regular exhibitions of members' works, coordinated professional training sessions, contributed to and initiated debate and discussion on matters concerning contemporary practice and acted as a network for support, advocacy and exchange. Its membership is made up of established and emerging practitioners and those interested in original and contemporary jewellery and metalwork.

What are the benefits of joining?

Some of the benefits of joining JMGQ are:

  • Your JMGQ membership card entitles you to discounts on selected items at: Australian Jewellers Supplies  and the Queensland Art Gallery Store.
  • Biannual editions of the newsletter 'Paillon'.
  • Regular e-newsletter 'Metalsnips' including updates on exhibitions, opportunities and professional development seminars.
  • Opportunities to exhibit work in JMGQ exhibitions and information regarding other up-coming exhibitions.
  • Discount purchases through JMGQ organised events.
  • A network of contact with other established and establishing practitioners.
  • The opportunity to take on a committee or board role.